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Our in house smaller Voice logging Solutions:

For Remote assistance we use Teamviewer

This is a simple and small customer module, runs immediately without installation and does not require administrative rights - optimized for instant support Internet/Intranet based Manager Windows or Hosted Web based (Intranet or internet) telephone voice recording file management system

No PC Required Analogue Recorder

Gone are the days of having to use a computer and special software just to record your conversations. The SDT-1 Phone Tap has a stylish new look, smaller than the original, but packs an amazing 280 hours of recording time (Depending on SD card storage capacity). The SDT-1 is an easy-to-use stand-alone telephone recording system that automatically records your telephone conversations. These conversations are stored internally to a removable SD card. It is AC powered, and does not need to be connected to any other devices to record.


SoftSwitch Prime Recorders - Analog USB

  • 1 Line Analog/Digital with Adapter
  • 2 Line Analog/Digital with Adapter
  • 4 Line Analog/Digital with Adapter
  • 8 Line Analog/Digital with Adapter
  • 16 Line Analog/Digital with Adapter

These units are stackable, that means that you can plug more than 1 unit/PC
(Win7 Pro Only). (Other OS not tested)


Professional Voice Logging Solutions

Why CallCabinet Call Recording?

The demand for cost-effective and reliable phone recording suites is on the rise. This is a result of customers’ increasing requests for higher standards of service and support coupled with the challenges of corporate liability and regulatory compliance, a pressing need for total reliability and security in electronic call records has been created. With CallCabinet, businesses receive best-of-breed Call Recording and quality management solutions.

The CallCabinet Suite combines CallCabinet CallTracker and CallCabinet QualityTracker to provide a synergistic all-in-one solution that enhances an organization's ability to listen and understand customers' wants and needs; ensure service level goals are met and maintained and increase call center productivity, quality and effectiveness. The results is a call center solution that equates to more streamlined processes, improved customer service, and liability and compliance control; resulting in increased customer retention, sales and profit.

CallCabinet® CallTracker™

  • CallCabinet CallTracker is not only a VoIP recording solution but a solution that can record calls whether they are on analog, digital or VoIP platforms. This solution is designed to be completely customizable, scalable and most importantly, reliable, in order to meet the current and future needs of any organization. CallCabinet CallTracker is at the heart of the CallCabinet Suite and caters for full time, partial and random voice logging for liability, compliance and/or quality management requirements.

CallCabinet® QualityTracker™

We know that call quality monitoring is important to you; this is why we have developed the CallCabinet QualityTracker for your company’s needs. The CallCabinet QualityTracker is a fully integrated quality management solution that equips contact center agents and supervisors with the necessary tools to access and analyze customer interaction data and transform it into actionable information. In doing so, customer service levels and workforce efficiency will be improved resulting in a successful contact center.

CallCabinet® Alert™

Today's customers who have an interest in high-quality voice recording demand increasingly superior standards of both service and support. This, combined with challenges of liability and regulatory compliance, has created a pressing need for total reliability and security in regards to electronic call recording. If your business involves keeping track of customer phone interactions for quality monitoring, compliance or liability reasons, you'll appreciate the importance of implementing a reliable, best-of-breed call recording and quality management solution.

CallCabinet® Compliance™

A concern with regards to the storage of sensitive and private information has resulted in a flood of regulation throughout the world (PCI DSS 2.0, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, Basel III and more). Private information regarding medical records of patients, social security numbers, credit card and banking information have to be either removed from recordings or stored in an accepted method. CallCabinet® Corporation is proud to launch the CallCabinet® ComplianceCallCabinet™ Module.

CallCabinet® Remote Link™

In many organizations today that have multiple branches, the need has arisen to consolidate call recording and quality management records at a central location for security and optimization purposes. CallCabinet® Corporation has addressed this need and has developed a solution to cater for this requirement.

CallCabinet® VoIP Appliance™

In a world that is placing more emphasis on corporate governance and compliance, CallCabinet Corporation has developed an industry first compliant VoIP Recording and quality management appliance that can be set-up in minutes and is unbelievably easy-to-use. Using state-of-the art CallCabinet™ Call Recording technology developed on a Microsoft™ Silverlight™ web based platform and powered by Microsoft™ Windows™ Server 2008 R2 and Dell™ , CallCabinet™ is able to bring you their Enterprise level call recording solution "in a box". The CallCabinet appliance records 100% of your calls, encrypts them using 256 Bit AES Encryption and stores them in a secure Microsoft™ SQL Server database that will allow you to record no less than 192,000 minutes of calls before having to archive. The CallCabinet VoIP Appliance is compatible with most IP based phone systems and offers the strength and reliability that has come to be expected from our enterprise range of Call Recording products.

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