Line Cost Reduction Audit

In the boom time, many companies, when they needed an extra fax, adsl or credit card machine, just ordered an extra line and today, this has added to their overall line rental spend. We can come into your company and do an overall line audit and find you cost savings by either ceasing redundant lines or consolidating lines together to be more cost efficient.

Large savings can be made also, if we look at your call spend and get more competitive rates from various suppliers (Neotel, Hymax, and Cell C – think of us as your honest broker.

For example, if you have a high mobile call spend from your landline, we might suggest to install a Premi cell (GSM router) – this is basically, a black box connected to your phone system with a sim card installed in it and when you start to dial a mobile phone from your phone system, the system will route the call out on the “black box” or gsm router and you will be availing of mobile to mobile call rates, which are cheaper.

Another example is if you call local, national or international numbers a lot, we might suggest to convert to SIP, VOIP lines (dialing out through the internet) – I know, we are getting technical here! And there are vast permutations here depending on the phone system type you have so why not give us a call to have a look at your particular situation.

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