Headsets are becoming more and more a part of our everyday environment – we see them used in travel agents, city banks and the media, and even by busy executives whilst driving – but why do so many people choose to use a headset? There are two vital reasons – improved health and productivity.

Reduced Muscle Tension

Recent research has highlighted the fact that anyone spending more than 2 hours a day on the telephone could benefit from using a telephone headset*. Muscle tension leading to neck pain can be reduced by 31%* and back pain by 16%* when moving over to a hands free option. Combine this with a proven reduction in headaches and you may find that the overall likelihood of long-term absenteeism due to these complaints is radically reduced.

Smarter Working

Productivity can be increased by as much as 43%†, because using a headset means that you have both hands free to carry out other tasks, such as typing or looking for files, during your telephone conversation.

VXI are the world’s leading manufacturer of lightweight telephone headsets, and have been designing and producing headset solutions for the past 4 decades. We pride ourselves on the superb design, sound quality, comfort and durability of our products – which is why more and more people around the world are turning to VXI as their preferred headset manufacturer with a two year warranty.

We supply a range of corded and cordless Headsets to suit all types of telephone systems.

VXi ProSet UC10

Wideband audio, superior noise-cancelling and all-day comfort put the UC ProSet in a class by itself. UC-ready, the UC ProSet is the best headset investment you can make.

Sennheiser CC510

Specifically designed to cope with the rigors of the Call Centre environment, the Sennheiser CC510 headset offers high-end audio clarity, acoustic shock protection and Ultra Noise-Cancelling microphone technology.

Cordless headset:

CS540 cordless headset

The CS540 features a new headset design, streamlined base and improved performance. Enjoy the sleek contemporary design of the new system, premium wideband audio quality and wireless mobility.

Accutone adapter and amplifier



Multifuntional telephone adapter.

Features include:

• Two hidden switches for combination of 12 settings
• Convenient headset to handset switch
• Quick muting facility
• Professional looking design
• Applicable ONLY to telephones wich do not require microphone amplification



Features include:

• Focused on telephone usage only
• Highest compatibility with telephone models
• Top acoustic performance
• Excellent noise control and shock prevention
• Low battery consumption
• Designed specifically for the call centre environment
• Online LED and muting LED indicator


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