Business Phone Systems

Our systems are geared towards the SME sector where flexibility and feature rich solutions are needed more than ever in these changing times. Because we do not rely on one particular brand, we are in a position to supply the right solution for our customer’s particular needs – at optimum cost.

We are recognized as accredited dealers for several manufacturers and can provide a range of options on systems, based upon specified requirements. We constantly keep up to date on all aspects of the rapidly developing telecommunications industry and respond to it as new products and services are brought to the market place.

We can supply and install a simple 2 line system with 3 extensions – to a sophisticated 1200 user pure IP multi site solution to any company. Every customer is important to us no matter what the size of your organization.

  • Simple To Use Systems – All our systems are programmed so that they are simple to use but have the power of great features if needed.
  • Training & Commissioning – We provide full training as part of any installation at no extra cost
  • Remove Maintenance & Programming – Our service centre in Park West can manage all your programming needs & changes remotely.
  • Cost Savings – As part of every installation, we will look at your call spend & line rental and make suggestions to you to save money on these items.
  • Bring Your Phone Number With You – Through IP Technology, you are no longer confined to keeping your all important telephone number in the same geographical area. With SIP Trunking you can answer your telephone number anywhere in the world!
  • Nationwide Service – No matter where you are in Ireland, we provide same day service to you.
Digital Phone

Ericsson-LG offers a comprehensive range of digital phones for every employee, with easy-to-use display-based interfaces, call logs, self-labelling keys, simplified administration and other features to help improve productivity. Whatever their roles, wherever they are, we can meet the communications needs of even the most complex organization.

Portfolio Products


LDP-7000 is replacing LKD with its European trendy design. Informative 3 line LCD, navigation button and menu driven operation show how to enjoy digital keysets. Wide range of selection is also a benefit from the 7000 series. There are 6 different types of models are available. High end models such as 7016,24...


As desktop proprietary digital terminals in ARIA SOHO, The choices are LDP-7224D, LDP-7208D, LDP-7248DSS and LDP-DPB (door phone). LDP-7224D is normally used as a programming terminal or an attendant console with DSS. And optionally users may use wall-mount brackets for LDP-7224D/7208D.

LIP-7000 SERIES - Fully integrated IP keysets

All 4 models are differentiated as their own strength so that you can make flexible offer as your customer demands. Design identity has been kept as LDP series and it will look natural combination in the office. Single voice and data network and plug & play installation will save your MAC cost and increase productivity. Remote IP phone installation should be a perfect solution for a home office networking. User can connect the IP phone to the easily available ADSL at home and the IP phone works as a system extension. 8 IP phones(including Wifi terminals & Softphone) can make calls simultaneously and maximum 28 IP phones can be registered per system among maximum capacity of 32 extensions.

[Non LCD w/4 flex btn]
[2x24 LCD w/8 flex btn]
[3x24 LCD w/16 flx btn]
  • PoE(802.3af) compatible
  • Echo cancellation
  • Silence suppression
  • OHD
  • Multi language
  • 2nd CID preview
  • Full duplex speakerphone
  • Headset jack
  • PIM DB integration
  • 3 soft keys
  • Navigation
  • Switch port(10/100 T)
  • Duel LED
  • Option module compatible (DSS)
[3 x24 LCD w/24 flx btn]
[9x32 Graphic LCD w/24 flx btn]
[48 flx btn Direct Station Selection]
  • 3 soft key
  • Navigation
  • Switch port(10/100 T)
  • Duel LED
  • Option module compatible(DSS/*BTU) *BTU to be available Phase4
  • SMS
  • Phone book
  • Scheduler
  • Calendar

GDC-400H/450H - New system integrated DECT solution

Fully integrated business DECT solution
Unlike standalone or residential DECT solution, Ericsson-LG has integrated business DECT solution with its industry leading SMB PBX solution such as ipLDK and iPECS series. The integration makes feature implementation easier and simpler. Floor managers do not need to run for a fixed terminal for voice paging. With no string attached, users can receive and send voice paging over the DECT handset. Not to mention, typical PBX features such as Call transfer(Screened, Unscreened, Executive/Secretary), Call back, Hold, MWI, Fall forward, Camp on etc., seamless call connection is secured over the multiple cell coverage.

Cost effective multi cell solution
Business DECT solution shouldn’t cost too much especially for small and medium sized business. Long time R&D experience of Ericsson-LG has developed the DECT solution architecture best affordable for SMB. Since, commonly used resources and complicated features sets are already implemented in ipLDK and iPECS, users can simply choose the scale of DECT solution only by attaching optimally designed DECT components. PBX built in DECT interface gateway for multi cell interface, simultaneous multi channel handling base station and full featured system DECT terminal are configurable from 1 cell up to 32* cells without causing significant initial investment or any hidden cost.
* Depend on system capability

Easier and simpler management
Consistent management system also helps reducing manager’s workload. Managers only need to access single admin user interface for adding, changing DECT related features just as they manage the system. To make the cell planning easier, managers can utilize GDC-400TB(Site survey tool) to find out best location for base station. In addition, managers can measure real time radio strength, current channel and base station number with GDC-400H/450H.
If iPECS NMS is installed, managers can monitor real time status of DECT handset as well as wireless gateway. DECT related statistics are also provided for maintenance purpose

[ GDC 400H ] [ GDC 450H ]
  • User friendly interface
      - Easy to use navigation key
      - Context sensitive softkeys
      - 1.5” full colour LCD
  • Multi language support
      - English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
  • 9 differential ring tone(external/internal)
  • Vibrator & Ring melody
  • Backlit LCD and keypad
  • Standby 120hrs / Talking 15 hrs
  • 2.5mm ear mike jack
  • Snap in belt clip(Optional)
  • Robust design for challenging environment
      - Ruggedized housing
      - Tempered window shield
      - Glove friendly large key pad
  • User friendly interface
      - Easy to use navigation key
      - Context sensitive softkeys
      - 1.5” full colour LCD
  • Multi language support
      - English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
  • 9 differential ring tone(external/internal)
  • Vibrator & Ring melody
  • Backlit LCD and keypad
  • Standby 150hrs / Talking 15 hrs
  • 2.5mm ear mike jack
  • Snap in belt clip

WIT-300HE - Full feature system wireless IP phone

  • Best for: Road warrior, Home office, Field worker, Warehouse manager.
  • Key benefits:
    • On the road mobility, Leveraging single infrastructure
    • Plug & play installation

GDC-400H - User friendly system DECT handset

  • Best for: Secretary, Warehouse worker.
  • Key benefits:
    • Cost effective mobility solution, In house mobility
    • Leveraging existing infrastructure

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