Who Are we

We are a Telecommunications Solutions service provider taking pride in a high level of service and quality of product offering. We have had the privilege of servicing and developing relationships with a wide range of clients over the past 18 years.

The telecommunications arena is a constantly evolving one. We are pleased to say that we are confident in applying our technical problem solving ability, knowledge acquired over a collective 50 years and access to industry trends to fulfilling our primary objective of providing honest, superior client service. We are furthermore committed to ensuring that we constantly improve our client offering.

The journey of this business started with Llewellyn Carson approximately 25 years ago. At that point, a Telkom employee passionate about technology and client service, in an environment crippled by red tape and possibly its sheer size. An opportunity arose 18 years ago to move into the private sector as a share holder and subsequently, about 10 years ago, into the owner managed business as it currently exists. We are grateful for the many opportunities which have arisen including the acquisition of two other telecommunications companies. These opportunities have seen the business grow even in a difficult economic climate.

We view a client as an individual or business who contracts our services, in the arena of telecommunications, in return for a fee. We strive to develop a relationship of mutual trust with these clients. Furthermore, we communicate honestly with our clients regarding our service offering and the limitations we may have as a result of our reliance on bodies such as Telkom.

In 2012 Advanced Voice was awarded dealer of the year with Goldtel (our suppliers of Ericsson-LG Hardware, VoIP, Connectivty, Hosted Cloud Solutions and recent business partner) and in 2013 we won best dealer in KZN.

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